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10 Best Linux Distros For Programmers and Developers

Linux is almost certainly the favorite operating system of programmers and developers, as it is easy to use if you have enough experience. And not only that as it includes tons of software specialized in software development, and all those are for free. Some Linux distros are good for programming. There are many reasons why … Read more

10 Best Free Online Logo Makers in 2021

Whether you are starting an online store, setting up a new business, or just looking to refresh your existing blogs or store, a perfect logo always plays a crucial role in creating a brand and business identity. Undoubtedly, a logo is vital for a personal blog, business website, or online store. A logo is one … Read more

10 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android in 2021

PDF readers have always been a very complicated niche. Either they are used in work environments to create and fill forms, or we use them to read ebooks on the tablet. In any of the 2 cases, this type of app often ends up giving more problems than anything else. Today, we review the best … Read more

5 Best Websites to Remove Background from Images

Let’s admit; there are times when we all have wanted to remove a background from an image. Removing the background from an image is not as simple as it sounds. It’s not that you can’t remove background from a picture, but removing background usually needs professional photo editing tools like Photoshop. However, the problem with … Read more

10 Best White Noise Apps For Android in 2021

We all need to relax at some time of the day, but many people cannot fall asleep by themselves and need the help of melodies or soothing sounds to do so. Hence, we will show you the best white noise apps for relaxation. On Android’s Google Play Store, you will find tons of white noise … Read more

Top 10 FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Clients for Android in 2021

There are many FTP clients available for desktop operating systems like Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. FTP clients like FileZilla, PuTTy, etc., allow you to view and edit the source files of your websites or web applications. To manage cloud servers, a desktop computer is recommended. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your website … Read more

How to Fix Spotify Not Responding on Windows & macOS

As of now, there are hundreds of music streaming services out there. However, out of all those, Spotify stands out from the crowd. Spotify has more and better content compared to all other music streaming options. Millions of users right now use the popular music streaming service. Spotify is available for Android, iOS, and desktop … Read more

10 Apps to Scan Business Cards In 2021

If you are a businessman, many people will hand over their business cards to you during meetings, networking events, and conferences. However, you will not find their business card when you really need it. It’s not easy to keep all those business cards in your pocket, the only solution for that is to save all … Read more

7 Best CBR Readers For MAC You Can Use in 2021

We all know about comic books that used to be the most entertaining part of everyone’s childhood. These comic books contain awesome stories narrated in text form and enhanced by the character images. Reading comic books used to be a great source of fun and entertainment, but with the extent of technology and internet media, … Read more

10 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge Browser in 2021

If we talk about the best desktop web browser, Google Chrome usually steals the show. Millions of users right now use Google Chrome, and it’s a pretty decent web browser. Google Chrome does have some competitors like Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, etc. Out of all those, it was the Edge browser that offers pretty solid … Read more