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Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

If we talk about the list of best video streaming service, without any doubt, it will be Netflix dominating the list. Compared to every other video streaming service, Netflix has unique content. The great thing about Netflix is that it lets you stream media on any device connected to the internet. Not only that, but … Read more

How to Open Classic System Properties in Windows 10

Microsoft has removed the Classic System Properties page from the newer version of Windows 10 (Windows 10 20J2 October 2020 update). So, if you are using the latest version of Windows 10, then you might be unable to access the classic system properties of Windows, which was available in the previous Windows version. Even if … Read more

10 Best Home Security Apps For Android in 2020

Let’s admit, CCTV Security cameras are one of the most innovative things that have been ever made by humans. These cameras can safeguard your home, business, etc., from some serious threats like robbery and theft. Almost every business now uses CCTV cameras, and it’s one of the essential things that everyone should consider. However, CCTV … Read more

How to Use Google Task Mate to Earn Money in India

Well, Google has a survey-based app in India, known as Google Opinion Rewards. The app frequently sends you surveys to complete and pays you for doing so. If you have ever used Google Opinion Rewards, you might know that the cashout was limited to only Google Play Store purchases. Now, it looks like Google is … Read more

How To Check & See Purchase History in Steam (2020)

See Purchase History in Steam: Most of the gamers would be familiar with Steam and they must have used it on several occasions to purchase games and to use its community features. Here we have published two ways to view purchase history in steam. How To Check & See Purchase History in Steam | itechhacks … Read more

How to Cut Videos Using VLC Media Player in Windows 10

Right now, there are hundreds of media player apps available for Windows 10 computers. However, if we have to pick anyone, then we would simply pick VLC media player. Compared to other media player apps for PC, VLC Media player offers better features and is known for its simplicity. Apart from media playback, a VLC … Read more

How To Add More RAM to Minecraft Server (3-Methods) 2021

Minecraft is one of the most widely played video games. As of 2020, it has more than 126 million monthly active users. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its unparalleled gameplay and its high compatibility. Minecraft is compatible with all the devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc. … Read more

How to Capture Screenshots in Chrome Incognito Mode On Android

Almost all major web browsers for Android provide us multiple modes for browsing – Regular and Incognito Mode. Incognito Mode or Private browsing mode is the one that doesn’t save your browsing history, cookies. The incognito mode in Google Chrome web browser also prevents sites from accessing local cookies, and it automatically removes all temporary … Read more

10 Best Android VPN Apps For Torrenting & P2P in 2020

It’s no doubt that VPN apps are essential, and they are now given more priority over Antivirus tools. VPN apps are available on every platform, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. They not only encrypts the web traffic but also masks your real IP Address. However, the real challenge here is to find a VPN … Read more

10 Best Linux Distros for Windows Users

It’s no doubt that Windows 10 is right now the best desktop operating system. Compared to every other desktop operating system, Windows 10 provides users far more features. Not only that, but the software availability is also relatively high on Windows compared to every other desktop OS. Sometimes, we all want to give an open-source … Read more