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How To Activate Your Airtel Sim For [email protected] And [email protected] – Airtel Nigeria is currently giving its users a 100% data bonus valid for 3 months. But there is a catch to it, this mind-blowing offer are only for users who are eligible and it appears almost all but not all  Airtel subscribers are eligible for this awesome package.

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Airtel my offer is a newly spotted offer from Airtel NG to all subscribers. It gives exclusive cheap data deals. Each Airtel sim is eligible for a special offer, depending on your sim – you should get an exclusive data offer when you dial the code below;

How to Get Airtel my Offer Exclusive Deals?
Dial *141# and then reply with 1.

You’ll get a list of all the available data offers your SIM is eligible for. Then you can proceed and subscribe to any data plan of your choice.

1GB for N300 (Daily)

2GB for N500 (Daily)

1.5GB for N500 (14 Days)

3GB for N1000 (30 Days)

6GB for N1500 (30 Days)

9GB for N2000 (30 Days)

16GB for N3000 (30 Days)

Choose whichever package you are comfortable with and subscribe to. To check your data balance, dial *140#.

Airtel Triple Data Offer

Airtel Triple data offer rewards you with 3x the amount of data that you purchase. For instance, if you purchase a data bundle of N1000, which gives you 1.5GB data, you will get 4.5GB data, plus N3000 airtime bonus to call all networks. That is three times your N1000 and the 1.5GB data that you purchased. Applicable for 90 days on all purchases of data bundles below N5000.

How To Activate Airtel Triple Data Offer
You need to purchase and register a new Airtel SIM or use an Airtel SIM less than 3 months old.

Presently, SmartCONNECT 6.0 is Airtel’s default bonus plan for prepaid customers, which offers 100% or triple INSTANT bonus on every data bundle plus 8 times bonus on every recharge.

>>You must load your new SIM with any amount of money for the SIM to be fully activated

>>Then, Send GET to 141.

You should receive a response message like this,

Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS

>>Next is to send, MIFI to 141.

After that, recharge your SIM with the amount of the data you wish to purchase.

Once done, simply purchase any data plan that the airtime can afford, let’s say you recharged N1,000 airtime, and you subscribe to the normal plan, you should get times three of the data plan.

Dial *123*1# for bonus balance, *123*2# for voice bundle balance or *140# for data bundle balance.

Airtel Premium Offer
You can get 4GB for N1000 (validity is 30 days)

2GB for N500 (validity is 14 days)

1GB for N200 (validity is 7 days)

Dial *141*241# to purchase your desired plan.

Most Airtel users have been lamenting despite trying different Airtel sim so they also can rock this juicy offer while it last, yet some Airtel users are not eligible.

This article is mainly to help you activate your Airtel sim so you too can enjoy the mouth watery offer while it last. So lets jump right in below.

How To Activate Your Airtel Sim For [email protected] And [email protected]

  • Migrate to Airtel Trybe by dialing *312# and Select 1
  • If you get system is busy try again later, just ignore the message and keep trying the code until you are have successfully migrated to Airtel trybe package.
  • You will receive a confirmation message welcoming you to Airtel Trybe
  • You should receive a congratulation message, if not then you can’t qualify for the 100% data bonus.

How To Be Eligible For Airtel 4.6GB for N200

  • Simply send a text message “Send ‘GET’ to 141”
  • If you get a congratulations message as shown below, then you are eligible.

Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS when you buy data bundle of N500 and above

  • Now you know your Airtel sim is activated and eligible for the 100% data bonus offer.
  • Quickly purchase Airtel recharge card worth of N200 NGN.
  • Load Airtel recharge of N200 by dialing *143*pin#
  • You’ll be credited with 4.5GB immediately.
  • To check your data balance, dial *223# or *140#
  • Actually I bought N200 credit twice. That is I bought (2) N200 credit. I loaded them one after the other. after loading the 2nd credit my data balance became 9.2GB For N400.

How To Get 23GB for N1000

  • Buy another Airtel recharge card of 200 NGN in 5 places, 200X5 = 1,000 Naira credit.
  • Recharge by dialing *143*PIN of the Recharge Card# for each of them.  You will be able to accumulate up to 23GB of data.
  • Dial *223# to check your data balances.

Airtel network is quite very fast in my location, so I am currently rocking this right now. I also advise you get a 4G Airtel sim to really enjoy the blazing speed of the Airtel network.

Now my swift 4G sim is currently sleeping while I rock this Airtel 100% data bonus. Kindly share your views via the comments.

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      • According to the congratulatory message I got, Mine was for 6months…. But my question here is;
        1. Can I top anytime I feel without waiting till the stipulated expiring date?
        2. Must I recharge immediately to have the 100% data bonus?

  1. I think what is meant by the message is that promo period runs for three months on each sim, I’m still wondering the validity of the given data…

        • This trick no longer works anymore. I have said that so many times. Always read comments before posting. But not to worry Airtel data is affordable just dial *141#. Am currently using Airtel 4G Sim, i subscribed for 5GB For 2,500. Got 5GB of data with double data makes that 10GB for 2,500. valid for 30 days.

  2. It’s not working again when I load the card I won’t receive any data and my 200 naira will just go like that pls if anyone had this experience or if it still works let me know.

  3. But bro i have tried 2sims and i followed the process but what i got was 200mb for the #200 recharge and nothing more pls do u have a whatsapp group let me join thanks

  4. I hate the person who did this to us. How can some one scam me. Unbelievable. But i must get my money back. Before december. Trust me. And if you want to get yours back just load your card with this pin. 220pin#. You get 10times what you recharge.


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